Pass Plus

The pass plus course is designed by the DSA (Driver Standards Agency) for newly qualified drivers, it’s aim is to develop and improve the skills and attitudes that are required by all drivers to ensure that they have safe driving for life. It is a structured course carried out by your instructor. It is supported by many top insurers and taking part can result in cheaper car insurance.

The course includes:

  • Town Driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town and rural roads
  • Night driving (can by very important if you learnt only in daytime)
  • Dual carrageway driving
  • Motorway driving

Give us a ring if you need any more information.

Qualified Drivers

There are also other courses for you to do depending on requirements.
Refresher lessons for people who are coming back to driving after a while away.
Motorway lessons for people who are a bit nervous about driving faster and would just like to go through the routine with an experienced instructor first.
Risk awareness is a course in spotting potential problems around where you live and surrounding areas.
Night driving is for the drivers who have learnt during mid summer or daytime only and are nervous about the prospect of night driving.
If you have questions about other courses please contact us.